Madeira Island

Is fantastic place, with a specific and nice smell of eucalyptus in the air, with a touch of happiness that you will feel as soon as you think or say Madeira …

Funchal in Madeira

Madeira… this is the place where spring has stayed forever, and the beauty of the island can be enjoyed all year round. In order to appreciate the beauty of nature and see the sights, get to know cultural traditions, with cultural traditions, tourists and travelers need to visit many places and several routes.

The nature of Madeira is beautiful, so sorry to spend time visiting museums and historical buildings. Here you will want to walk along the promenade, go as far as possible deep into the fantastically beautiful mountains, wander through the ancient forests to enjoy their originality, which they have preserved to our times, go through as many routes along the Levadas as much possible and see all their beauty.

Pico do Arieiro

There are a lot of places to visit in Madeira, and you will most likely return again and again to continue discover the island, as it is difficult to see everything in one visit. In this article, we will talk about some places which you would be happy to see.
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Curral das Freiras

What are the must-sees in Madeira?

Madeira. Whats place to visit

Funchal is the capital of the island, it is a major trading port and a famous beach resort on the south coast of Madeira, where more and more tourists from different countries come every year. The city is located in picturesque open spaces among spacious meadows and hills that come close to the coastal zone. Here you can feel the beauty of the beaches and a huge amount of entertainment, as well as see many historical monuments, ancient palaces, churches, museums, galleries, parks and botanical gardens, which are worth visiting, cause special admiration. And of course, what will allow you to feel the true spirit of Madeira – Local markets, this is a special category of attractions, here you can always buy exotic fruits, fresh seafood and, of course, the most colorful flowers.

Machico is a small coastal old town located in the east of the island. Previously, it was considered the first capital of Madeira, because it was here that the history of the discovery of Madeira in 1419 began. Every year, the inhabitants of Machico remember the arrival of the first settlers in Madeira and remind the inhabitants and visitors of the island how it all began. The old fort has been preserved in the city, here you will also see many beautiful fountains and get acquainted with unique religious sites.

Piscinas Naturais da Doca do Cavacas

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Praia de Machico

Santana is a small village located in the northeast of the island, where you can learn the whole history and get acquainted with the culture and life of the locals. Here you will be surrounded by picturesque streets with typical national houses, small squares, which are always richly decorated with bright flower beds, and, of course, beautiful parks – Santana is filled with an atmosphere of harmony and peace.

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Porto Moniz is a small town located on the “edge of geography” on the northwest side of the island. It has a special attraction and the most popular place – lava pools, for which it is worth going there. It is also famous for its natural attractions, there are stormy waterfalls, beautiful forests, and intricate caves.

Igreja de São João Evangelista / Igreja do Colégio

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Levadas walking is something special. What levadas are? These are water-bearing laid throughout the island, through which water is delivered from the mountains to settlements. Levada Caldera Verde is on the list of the most interesting sights… but we will write about that in the next article.

Thanks to the many natural attractions located throughout the island, there are many sights so that tourists can enjoy a pleasant pastime, watching from a bird’s eye view of such magnificence. The best sights are Miradouro da Ponta do Rosto (located in Canicala),

Miradouro Pico Dos Barcelos (can be found in the capital of the island), Miradouro do Cristo Rei do Garajau (location – Caniço), and Miradouro da Portela, what is in Machico.

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