Categoria: Mini

Transmissão: Automatic (AT)

Passageiros: 4

Bagagem: 2

Ano: 2019

Tipo de corpo: Hatchback

Combustível: Gasoline

N.º de portas: 5




SMART FORFOUR car hire in Madeira - Girassol.Rent

Hire a SMART FORFOUR at Funchal Airport or elsewhere in Madeira from Girassol.Rent. Urban, comfortable, four-seat Smart ForFour, is gaining more and more popularity in recent years. The most affordable car with automatic transmission for hire in Madeira. The small dimensions of the car make it the most attractive for renting a car for a holiday on the island of Madeira. The box of our Smart is a six–speed, automatic, dynamic with a double clutch. This is a good combination with the engine from the point of view of dynamism – the car starts briskly from the spot, quickly picks up speed, easily goes overtaking. Smart perfectly shows itself in the urban flow, easily fitting into any rhythm of movement. But he also keeps up well outside the city – overtaking is safe, the behaviour at speed is predictable. Like the engine, the smart drive axle is located at the rear: it is an optimized Deion. The rear-wheel drive character of the Smart is practically not felt: it is worth remembering except on icy sharp turns. But such a solution gives excellent manoeuvrability – the diameter of the baby's turn is 8.95 m from wall to wall! On it, you can easily turn around completely in one go in really tight places and squeeze into any parking space. By the way, for cars of this class, smart shows very good safety indicators. It is immediately felt that the company's engineers approached this issue with full responsibility.