Category: Economy

Transmission: Automatic (AT)

Passengers: 5

Luggage: 2

Year: 2021

Body type: Hatchback

Fuel: Gasoline

No. of doors: 5



RENAULT CLIO Car Hire in Madeira | Girassol.Rent

Embark on an unforgettable journey across the picturesque island of Madeira with Girassol.Rent's exclusive RENAULT CLIO car hire. Discover the beauty of this enchanting destination while enjoying the comfort and versatility of our vibrant orange 2021 NISSAN MICRA. Book your Madeira adventure now  +351 961 778 886.

Unmatched Comfort and Versatility

Renault Clio, a name synonymous with small, affordable superminis, stands out as the epitome of driving pleasure and the capabilities of larger cars. This supermini, at the pinnacle of its class alongside the popular Ford Fiesta, boasts high-quality craftsmanship and a near-perfect blend of practicality, standard features, and style.

Superior Features for an Ultimate Driving Experience

Immerse yourself in the Renault Clio experience, where thoughtful proportions and modern aesthetics converge. The cabin, unrivaled in its class, offers exceptional quality and an upgraded infotainment system with touch displays. As you navigate Madeira's scenic routes, revel in standard features like LED headlights, automatic mirrors, and cruise control with a speed limiter.

Options that Enhance Your Journey:

  • Air Condition: Stay cool and comfortable throughout your island exploration.
  • Rear Parking Sensors: Effortlessly maneuver through Madeira's charming streets.
  • Built-in Sat Nav: Never lose your way, discover every hidden gem effortlessly.
  • Mobile Phone Technology: Stay connected on the go for a seamless travel experience.
  • Bluetooth, USB, Qi Wireless Charging: Enjoy connectivity options for your devices.
  • Audio/iPod: Elevate your journey with your favorite tunes.
  • Cruise Control: Cruise along the scenic routes with ease.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: Seamlessly integrate your smartphone for added convenience.
  • Lane Departure Warning: Drive confidently with advanced safety features.
  • Fabric Interior: Experience a comfortable and stylish interior throughout your journey.

Booking Your NISSAN MICRA Rental with Girassol.Rent

Secure your Renault Clio rental with Girassol.Rent today and set the stage for an unforgettable Madeira journey. Experience the island's wonders with the reliability and style of the 2021 Orange NISSAN MICRA. Book now for a seamless and enjoyable rental experience!