Category: Compact SUV

Transmission: Automatic (AT)

Passengers: 5

Luggage: 3

Year: 2023

Body type: CUV

Fuel: Gasoline

No. of doors: 5



Rent in Madeira Seat Arona, 2023, 1.0 TSI

Your Stylish Journey Awaits

Rent in Madeira Seat Arona, 2023, 1.0 TSI - leader in the compact crossover class. Girassol.Rent invites you to experience the all-new Seat Arona, a compact SUV that blends bright style with exceptional handling, providing an unparalleled driving experience on the enchanting island of Madeira.

Discover the Seat Arona Advantage

Seat Arona - where style meets substance. In the competitive realm of compact crossovers, the Seat Arona stands tall, boasting a captivating design that effortlessly combines elegance with attention-grabbing allure. With its clean lines, large wheels, and additional body protection panels, the Arona commands attention without unnecessary aggression.

Features that Define Excellence

Your journey begins with a car that offers not just transportation, but an experience. The Seat Arona 2023 1.0 TSI Gasoline boasts:
  • Climate Control (two zones): Enjoy optimal comfort in any weather.
  • Rear Parking Sensors: Navigate with confidence, backed by advanced sensor technology.
  • Built-in Sat Nav: Explore Madeira effortlessly with precision navigation.
  • Qi Wireless Charging: Stay connected without the hassle of wires.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: Cruise with ease, adapting to your driving style.
  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto: Seamlessly integrate your devices for a connected drive.

Modern Elegance, Exceptional Performance

Seat Arona isn't just about looks; it's a practical and economical choice. This stylish compact SUV comfortably accommodates five passengers, with ample luggage space for up to three bags. The automatic transmission ensures a smooth ride, and the 2023 model, adorned in striking red, adds a touch of modern elegance to your journey.

The Ultimate Seat Arona Experience

Rent Seat Arona and explore Madeira with confidence. For discerning European travellers, Girassol.Rent offers an affordable and stylish option for your island adventure. Revel in the handling, modern features, and the joy of driving a brand-new Seat Arona.

Book your Seat Arona now

Book your Seat Arona hire in one call or by clicking the button below. Dial +351 961 778 886 or click 'BOOK A CAR NOW' to book online on the website. Book your modern and spacious Seat Arona for an unforgettable journey around Madeira. Girassol.Rent is your reliable partner for affordable, enjoyable and carefree car hire.